U.S. Ethanol Exports Surpass 1.3 Billion Gallons for 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor released the following statement after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released information regarding U.S. ethanol exports for 2020, which totaled 1.334 billion gallons in 2020, down 9.8 percent from 2019 and hovering around 2017 levels.

“In a year where gasoline demand has taken an unprecedented dive due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re optimistic to see worldwide ethanol demand continue to provide U.S. producers with market opportunities.

“One of our main objectives at Growth Energy is building strategic global partnerships with countries around the world in order to grow demand here at home and to underscore to international leaders the economic and environmental benefits of ethanol. As we look ahead, a global movement is afoot to achieve aggressive clean energy goals, and the 2020 ethanol export number reflects that the world is seeing biofuels as a part of the solution as an affordable, low-carbon, high-octane fuel.”

Canada took over as the top export market for U.S. ethanol, with 326.4 million gallons (mg) for the year. Canada continues to be a global leader in the use of biofuels, which is expected to grow with their Clean Fuel Standard as well as provincial moves to higher biofuel blends.

Brazil dropped to the second U.S. export market, at 188.8 mg, a 40% difference from 2019, due to tariff issues between the U.S. and Brazilian government.

In India we saw an 9.1% increase at 189.6 mg. The fourth largest export market in 2020 was South Korea at 105.8 mg, followed by the Netherlands at 77.5 mg.