This week’s The E15 Expressway: Web Chats with Retailers features Mike Lorenz, Executive Vice President of Petroleum Supply at Sheetz Inc. Sheetz is a family-owned and operated convenience store chain with 620 stores across Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Sheetz started selling Unleaded 88 (E15) in 2015 through a partnership with Prime the Pump.

Because Unleaded 88 is better for your engine and the environment, Lorenz asks the question, “why would you not buy it?” In his conversation with Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor, he discusses the value that Unleaded 88 offers Sheetz customers.

Watch the conversation between Mike Lorenz and Emily Skor on YouTube or click the image below.

Other Conversation Highlights:

HBIIP: “It is a big deal. We look at the 620 stores that we have. We have 280 stores that sell E15 and E85 and with this new grant, we are going to add another 45 locations.”

Unleaded 88: “Why will you not buy this product? There is absolutely, in my mind, no reason not to and on top of all that, energy independence in US jobs, right? So, it is a great story. It is a great product. Sales continue to grow.”

Growth Energy: “You guys have been totally instrumental in getting us in this business. We would not be in this business without Growth Energy.”

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