Growth Energy Announces Vander Griend Return to Board of Directors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Growth Energy, the nation’s largest ethanol trade association, announced the return of Dave Vander Griend to the association’s Board of Directors during its December 2020 board meeting in a move to further unify the industry and develop winning strategies on clean fuels, air quality, and climate goals.

Vander Griend, a co-founder of Growth Energy, is the CEO of ICM, a current Growth Energy member that provides innovative technologies, solutions, and services to sustain agriculture and to advance renewable energy, including ethanol. Vander Griend is also the President of Urban Air Initiative (UAI), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving air quality and protecting public health by reducing vehicle emissions through increased use of ethanol fuel blends. Vander Griend grew up on a farm in Iowa and learned early on how farming affects both rural communities and the global economy. After working in the ethanol industry since the 1970s, he and his brother Dennis founded ICM in 1995 with the goal of advancing renewable energy using efficient, streamlined methods that sustain agriculture and reduce waste.

“I’ve been working in the ethanol industry for over four decades, including building North America’s first ethanol plant. Through the years, I have witnessed firsthand the successes and failures we have faced in advancing our agriculture and energy priorities and the part we play in this nation’s economy,” said Vander Griend. “Since its creation, Growth Energy’s leadership has been rooted in advancing thoughtful strategy and delivering effective results for America’s farmers, biofuel producers, and supporters. As the industry works to help give biofuels a seat at the table in climate discussions, I’m eager to join our industry’s leaders on Growth’s Board of Directors and look forward to helping lead this industry into 2021 and beyond.”

Chairman of the Growth Energy Board of Directors and Vice President at Front Range Energy Dan Sanders also welcomed Dave and his unique perspective. “We’re glad to have Dave on board to unite and grow our industry further and to be able to work together to advance biofuels as a solution to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. He’s been an innovator from the start, and we need that kind of unique and outside-the-box thinking as we head into 2021. We look forward to strengthening our collective ability to advocate for the industry and deliver high impact legislative, regulatory, and commercial results for our membership.”

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor welcomed Vander Griend to the board and highlighted his depth of knowledge of the ethanol industry. “Dave Vander Griend’s addition to our board marks a new step for Growth Energy and our members as priorities like reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality move into the national spotlight. Dave brings years and years of experience and passion for the ethanol industry and environmental sustainability, and a unique viewpoint on how to harness both to advance our industry and Growth Energy’s strategic priorities. I’m looking forward to Dave’s participation in moving this industry forward,” said Skor.

Vander Griend joins board members from across the country. The Growth Energy Board of Directors represents the most diverse set of leaders in the biofuels industry and includes producers large and small, advocacy experts, agricultural leaders, and a NASCAR team owner. Learn more about Growth Energy’s Board of Directors here.