This week’s The E15 Expressway: Web Chats with Retailers features Gus Olympidis, President and CEO of Family Express. Family Express is a chain of 75 stores in the Hoosier State (Indiana) where, according to Olympidis, there is an abundance of three things: corn, water (the Great Lakes), and common sense, which make for a recipe that supports biofuels and has for many years.

Family Express was an early adopter of Unleaded 88 and, in his conversation with Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor, Olympidis explained how Unleaded 88 gives Family Express an edge over its competition.

Watch the conversation between Gus Olympidis and Emily Skor on YouTube or click the image below.

Other Conversation Highlights:

HBIIP: “The economic equation is still one that requires a little bit of mentoring, and the [HBIIP] grant is making a passion that we have in support of biofuels a little bit easier to realize and bring to the forefront of the consumer.”

Unleaded 88: “I think any time you offer an alternative and any time you project that differentiation, that is of the positive flavor, the positive persuasion, you set your brand a little bit apart from the competition.”

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To achieve net-zero emissions and decarbonize the transportation sector, biofuels must be part of the solution. According to recent scientific research from @rhodium_group, #biofuels must play a role in our nation's climate agenda that @POTUS has put into place. #ClimateChange

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Our friends at @mncorn announced a commitment of $1 million for ethanol infrastructure grant programs. This is huge investment in the future of higher blends of ethanol, and we look forward to working together to increase access to lower-carbon fuels!…

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.@POTUS's infrastructure plan should include expanding access to low carbon #biofuels, like plant-based ethanol, that can help us reduce emissions today. Thank you @RepCindyAxne.…

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.@RepCindyAxne is fighting to include #biofuels in any infrastructure legislation to be considered by Congress. To decarbonize the transportation sector, low-carbon fuel options like biofuels MUST be part of the solution. Thank you for taking action!…

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