Growth Energy Applauds Ontario’s Commitment to Increasing Renewable Fuels

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As part of its Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, the Canadian Province of Ontario recently amended its clean fuel regulations to gradually increase renewable fuel content in their fuel mix. Noting that the use of renewable fuels, such as ethanol, is one way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Cleaner Transportation Fuels regulation final decision includes a 15 percent renewable content in gasoline goal by 2030. According to the final rule, “the increase to the renewable content in gasoline will support the biofuel and agriculture sectors in their long-term economic recovery from COVID-19, create jobs in rural communities, and help reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

Over the past several years, Growth Energy submitted numerous comments supporting the expansion of biofuels blending in Ontario, as well as across Canada. Today, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor issued the following statement applauding Ontario’s commitment to achieving 15 percent renewable content over the next ten years:

“Ontario’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gases through higher ethanol blended fuel is a win for North American farmers and biofuel producers. As we work to promote Unleaded 88 and the benefits of standardizing higher ethanol blends in the U.S. fuel mix, we are encouraged by Ontario’s decisive action to implement a 15 percent renewable fuel content goal, and the positive effect it will have on its environment and the agriculture industry.”

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