Growth Energy’s Chris Bliley submitted comments to the Colorado Energy Office regarding the state’s initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution throughout the state. In his comments, Bliley highlights three key biorefineries in Colorado (Front Range Energy, Sterling Ethanol, and Yuma Ethanol) as prime examples of local renewable energy sources that are helping the state reduce GHG emissions through each gallon of ethanol.

“As we have continued to advocate, a primary solution for cleaning up the liquid fuel supply is the promotion of additional use of ethanol, from starch or cellulosic sources. According to recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, today’s starch ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by an average of 39 percent, and with further development of cellulosic and other technologies, biofuels are poised to do much more.”

Bliley also argues that higher blends of ethanol can be immediately deployed throughout Colorado, which will provide greater environmental benefits while reducing consumer costs at the pump. Bliley also highlighted that it is important for state leadership to hear from ethanol producers, especially when regulations are being considered to address climate change.

Read Growth Energy’s full comments here.

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