This week’s The E15 Expressway: Web Chats with Retailers features Lance Klatt, Executive Director, MINNOCO. Minnoco (Minnesota Independent Oil Company) is a brand of gasoline developed by the Minnesota Services Station & Convenience Store Association (MSSA) for its members.

Through Minnoco, members of MSSA are able to control their own brand of fuel and offer alternative renewable fuels such as Diesel, E85, E30, E15, 87, 89 and 91 octane fuels. During his chat with Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor, Klatt explained how this allows retailers to operate without burdensome restrictions.

Watch the conversation between Lance Klatt and Emily Skor here:

Other Conversation Highlights:

Unleaded88: “When the stores first put out Unleaded Plus, which is the E15, we call that E85, E30, the overall store volumes increased by around twenty percent overall, which meant stronger inside store sales for the stores which is phenomenal. So, if you increase your foot traffic, you can be more successful.”

Growth Energy: “You guys do a great job and you continue to be a great voice on the Hill for us retailers. You continue to support and fight for the opportunity to be able to sell E15.”

On December 2nd, tune in to hear from Nathaniel Doddridge, VP of Fuels at Casey’s!

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@NateDodd89 shares message @GrowthEnergy & Prime the Pump have brought retailers that compete fiercely everyday together in market as a unified source. @caseysgenstore @EmilySkor E15 Expressway: Web Chat with Retailers, featuring Casey's via @YouTube

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