Minnesota Governor’s Council on Biofuels Submits Recommendations

On November 3rd, the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Biofuels submitted its report to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on steps to grow the state’s biofuels industry and expand access to E15 at the pump.

The Council includes several Growth Energy members including Chris Hanson (Poet), Mick Miller (Denco II), Brian Thaalman (MN Corn), John Christianson (Christianson Associates) and retail partners, Lance Klatt (Minnoco).  The Council’s report was a result of collaboration with a number of stakeholders and acknowledged our data and staff input.  The report includes recommendations such as accelerating the state’s move toward 15% ethanol content in gasoline; installation of infrastructure compatible to E25; adopting a Low Carbon Fuel Standard; increasing biofuels use in the state fleet; increasing public understanding and marketing of biofuels; and developing advanced biofuels.

Read the report here.

We look forward to continuing to work alongside our allies in Minnesota on solutions to increase access to ethanol across the state.