Growth Energy and CSP Host Mythbusting Workshop

Earlier this week Growth Energy and CSP, the leading source for convenience store news, hosted an interactive virtual E15 workshop for retailers, where more than 2000 retail sites were represented. The workshop’s full agenda covered everything retailers would need to know to adopt E15.

During the workshop, Growth Energy’s Vice President of Market Development Mike O’Brien shared best practices on navigating the E15 landscape, setting up the right fuel infrastructure, and the best marketing practices for E15. Other speakers discussed the current regulatory landscape and fuel supply and demand. Additionally, prospective retailers heard from early E15 adopter, Minnoco, who shared how they have maximized their competitive advantage with high-octane fuel options like Unleaded 88 and E85.

Today, E15 is sold at more than 2,240 retail sites in 30 states. For more resources for fuel retailers, please visit Growth Energy’s Retailer Hub.