COVID-19’s Impact on Ethanol Production: Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel demand is plummeting as more drivers stay home in response to COVID-19. How has the market shifted for biofuel producers?

This is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Over the course of this pandemic, half the biofuels industry was forced offline, sending shockwaves through the entire agricultural supply chain.

Those who can operate are doing so at a steep loss, while others have shuttered completely.

We saw plants halt or slash production in at least a dozen states (California, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, and South Dakota).

This is a skilled workforce that rural America cannot afford to lose. We value our workers highly, and many companies are doing everything they can to keep their teams whole during this crisis, with pay or benefits. But resources are dwindling.

Without swift and decisive action in Washington, many more may soon halt grain purchases or close their doors.