We are deeply proud and grateful to be part of an industry who is stepping up to serve during this COVID-19 crisis. Growth Energy members such Absolute Energy and Green Plains, Inc. have donated ethanol to make hand sanitizer; Novozymes shared that they are “co-developing a method of washing plastic test plates for COVID-19 testing, so they can be safely reused”; and ADM pledged $1 million to organizations fighting the pandemic. These are just a few examples of the awesome work being done across the ag and biofuel industry, but certainly not all of it.

And these acts of kindness are not going unnoticed. On April 1, 2020, USDA Secretary Perdue released a video thanking ethanol producers for all of your good deeds.

Rural communities embody the American spirit of hard work and generosity. We take care of one another, and there’s no better time to do that than now. So we’d like to echo Secretary Perdue and say thank you for sticking with us, and for all that you’re doing to make our industry, and our country, a better place.

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Don't forget to register for next Wednesday. On Oct. 28 @EmilySkor and new @NationalCorn President John Linder will host a virtual town hall to discuss the opportunities on the horizon for corn and biofuel producers. Register here: fjwebinars.com/account/regist… https://t.co/gVnmtsiZ5s

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It has been a real challenge for the Biofuels this year!!! Great to have the opportunity to visit with @EmilySkor and talk about the bright future of Biofuels!!! https://t.co/BLugDIcwSI

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@GrowthEnergy CEO Emily Skor joined farmer and biofuel leader Kelly Nieuwenhuis for a virtual conversation on the biofuel landscape and top priorities for the agricultural community leading into the new year. @iowafuel #biofuels #bioethanol #US #farming https://t.co/NuzL7ZhFWz https://t.co/38khRWXCyo

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Market certainty keeps the corn moving, ethanol plants running, trucking companies in business, and much more! @EmilySkor & @NieuwenhuisSeed discuss their latest work to improve certainty for farmers and biofuel producers while growing our markets! growthenergy.org/2020/10/22/gro…

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