Last week, Green Plains Inc. Vice President of Government Affairs Devin Mogler traveled to Ottawa, Canada to advocate on behalf of Growth Energy for biofuels’ role in Canada’s pending Clean Fuel Standard. Mogler joined representatives of the U.S. Grains Council on this visit, and met with Canadian regulators from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Environment and Climate Change Canada. Mogler and the delegation consulted Canadian regulators on how the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has driven innovation and expanded America’s ethanol production capacity to make the U.S. the world leader in the production and blending of ethanol.

Mogler said that while in Canada,  regulators “asked a lot of questions about how we are able to produce so efficiently, how stability in government policy influences investment in the sector, and compatibility of higher blends in the existing vehicle fleet and retail stations. We are going to continue to collaborate with them on breaking down barriers to higher blends, and ensuring their policy setting remains aggressive.”

We would like to thank Green Plains Inc. for its help in promoting biofuels in Canada and all of our members who are working to grow the global biofuels outlook everyday.

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Always a premier industry event! Our Past President & Board Member Andrea Kent “Zoomed in” to be a featured panelist alongside colleagues from @GrowthEnergy and @USGC talking global ethanol markets at Growth Energy's 2021 Executive Leadership Conference. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 #ELC2021

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Senior Vice President @JimPirolli was a featured panelist at Growth Energy's 2021 Executive Leadership Conference. The Andersons is proud to join the conversation of the environmental benefits of biofuels.

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For our final panel, we’re hearing from global #ethanol market pros on trade with our top ethanol partners across the globe and opportunities to grow these markets. #ELC2021

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Carbon Opportunity discussion on the role of biofuels in a net zero carbon future, featuring panelists from @POETbiofuels, @eheinc, and @Harvard. #ELC2021

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