Our CEO Emily Skor wrote to Ethanol Producer Magazine’s (EPM) to highlight a new study released by Growth Energy and authored by Ramboll, a global research and management firm specializing in sustainable development, that presents the latest data on U.S. agricultural innovation and illuminate gaps in EPA’s understanding of U.S. biofuel production. The article was originally published on EPM’s website and will run it its print magazine in November:

“Time and again, we’ve seen efforts to suppress homegrown biofuels and hold back America’s clean energy future through the same outdated and misleading claims,” wrote Skor. “That’s why the team at Growth Energy has been working to build a stronger RFS by highlighting the continued success of a strong RFS program. As part of that effort, we recently released a new report authored by Ramboll, a global research and management firm specializing in sustainable development. It presents the latest data on U.S. agricultural innovation, provides a detailed review of recent studies and illuminates gaps in EPA’s understanding of U.S. biofuel production. It also shows how—from the lab to the farm—new innovations have allowed us to ramp up biofuel production year after year, without expanding our environmental footprint.”

Continue reading the story on EPM’s website here.

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It is vital that we work together in the fight against COVID-19. That’s why we’re committing $1 million to organizations leading the way, including @WHO and regional and local charities: https://t.co/tJuA38leVO #TeamADM #ADMCares @unfoundation https://t.co/RTPssmvBPG

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A lack of #coronavirus test plates makes it challenging to test as many people as possible. Our R&D dept is co-developing a method of washing plastic test plates for #COVID19 testing, so they can be safely reused. @novonordisk @lego_group @mieleprof @regionH @AmagerHvidovre https://t.co/VKwOSqNpCN

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The rural economy is a deeply integrated system — each piece is vital to the functioning of the whole. With fuel demand decimated and international markets in free fall, biofuels have been hit hard. That hurt is branching out to corn as well.  reuters.com/article/global…

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Every U.S. resident with a gross adjusted income under $75,000 ($112,500 for heads of household and $150,000 married couples) qualifies for a recovery rebate check for $1200. Here's a good resource from @ChuckGrassley on any questions you might have. medium.com/@ChuckGrassley…

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