As our members converged in Washington, D.C. for our annual biofuels summit, they heard the latest on the ethanol industry outlook before taking to the Hill to speak with their elected officials. To kick things off, our CEO Emily Skor welcomed members, gave an overview of the current political landscape in Washington, and celebrated our accomplishments so far:

“This meeting should be a victory celebration. We have, for the first time in history, a higher-blend fuel that is not niche, it is not seasonal, it is regular unleaded 88,” Skor said. “And this is the most significant milestone for this industry since the RFS was expanded in 2007.”

Skor expanded on this by addressing the challenges that lay ahead, but she remained optimistic citing the resolve that we have demonstrated and our playbook to harness it again:

“…What we have is the heart and soul of [ethanol producers] and your voice – the heartland. We know how to express that voice and augment and amplify it. That is the playbook that created the crescendo, the echo chamber and the demand to receive RVP, and that’s what we have to continue doing in the days and weeks ahead.”

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US #ethanol industry welcomes US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement @GrowthEnergy #USCMA

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“We have a rich history of trade with Mexico and Canada, and the USMCA strengthens that vital economic bond between our three nations,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. @GrowthEnergy

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Ethanol is a Christmas miracle! 11 billion miles on E15 means fewer emissions and lower costs at the pump, all while supporting agriculture, biofuel producers, and rural communities across the country.

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Since E15 was made available year round, we've seen summer sales go up 46%! The process is easier for retailers now, and consumers are getting more value for their dollar. It's a winner for everyone.

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