Securing year-round sales of E15, a gasoline blend containing 15 percent ethanol, was a huge achievement for our industry in 2019 and the culmination of many years of hard work by Growth Energy and the biofuels industry to ensure continued market growth for higher ethanol blends. Growth Energy and Prime the Pump’s leadership in expanding the retail availability of higher blends was a central factor in achieving year-round E15 sales and demonstrating the benefits of higher ethanol blends for consumers.

Growth Energy is proud to lead industry efforts to make higher ethanol blends more available to consumers and convened a group of retail fuel experts and leading fuel retailers in Washington, D.C. for our annual Biofuels Summit to discuss the outlook for E15 today and looking forward.

Joined on stage by Joe Zietlow of Kwik Trip, Inc. and Shai Sahay of POET, LLC, Growth Energy’s Vice President of Market Development Mike O’Brien led a panel discussion on the retail effects of securing year-round sales of E15 and how we are working to ensure that E15 is legal to sell year-round in every state in the nation. While the EPA has approved E15 for sale all year long, there are still some states, like California, which still prohibit the sale of E15 fuel altogether. O’Brien offered his insight into the retail success of E15 and why it might appeal to states who have not yet allowed the sale of the higher-octane, lower-cost fuel:

“With E15 now available to consumers year-round, its popularity has skyrocketed,” O’Brien said. “Retailers have seen the advantage it gives them when they make it a part of their offerings and we are seeing more and more retailers commit to expanding their E15 retail locations to capitalize on demand. This is a huge opportunity for our industry and our nation’s fuel retailers and we want to bring the fuel to consumers in every state in the nation.”

Despite some states still prohibiting its sale, it is becoming clearer every day that Americans love fueling up with E15 for its environmental and cost benefits. Zietlow addressed attendees on how EPA’s decision to allow E15 sales year-round has already boosted sales significantly, and, through our retail partners, we have already received reports that in the first summer alone sales volumes are up 25 percent over 2018.

There is a huge potential for E15 across the nation, both for consumers and producers. E15 can save drivers up to 10 cents per gallon when fueling up and helps reduce toxins in their fuel. It also provides a key market for our nation’s ethanol producers and farmers for their products. As we head to the Hill tomorrow to meet with our elected officials, we’ll be telling them all about the economic and consumer benefits of E15 and higher blends of ethanol fuel. Be sure to follow along by tuning into our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Always good to get out into the heartland to talk to the folks of American agriculture. Plenty of topics discussed at today’s forum with @RodneyDavis at Beaty Farms: USMCA, trade with 🇨🇳, MFP, ethanol, CCC, and many more — a great way to end our visit to the Land of Lincoln.

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Sponsored by our partner, @GrowthEnergy: High ethanol blends are boosting sales for the convenience stores that sell them, and the ever-growing base of faithful E15 consumers is proof of it. #cstores #retail

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Celebrating 20 years of providing renewable energy and supporting MO’s #1 industry, @MoAgriculture, at @POETbiofuels in Macon this morning. One of just six farmer-owned ethanol plants in our state, providing fuel, feed, fiber and sustainability to keep moving #MissouriForward.

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Thank you for being a true champion for #biofuels at @USDA, @DepSecSteve. We look forward to continuing to work with you at @ASA_Soybeans!

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