Don Onken’s American Ethanol Team Wins Top Gun Honors Again

American ethanol industry advocate Don Onken was inducted into the Lake of the Ozarks Bob Morgan Memorial Shootout Hall of Fame last week, and he and his team proved exactly why the honor was so well deserved at last weekend’s Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) Shootout. The LOTO Shootout is the largest unsanctioned boat race in the U.S. drawing competitors from across the country to see who can lay claim to having the fastest high-performance boat.

Despite a propeller issue that knocked them out of competition ahead of schedule, the 51-foot American Ethanol Mystic Powerboats Catamaran extended its dominant shootout run, taking home “Top Gun” honors for the fifth year in a row, an incredible showing for the ethanol-powered boat. The team was able to torch the rest of the field with a 201-mph run on the 3/4-mile course, where the next fastest competitor clocked in at 176 mph, proving that high ethanol blends are critical to delivering performance at the highest levels.