CSD Magazine: Why Consumers Choose E15

As retailers begin to offer E15 at the pump in ever greater numbers, new and effective marketing techniques are being developed every day to ensure that consumers can purchase the products they want. CSD Magazine recently took a deep dive into what drives consumer choice at the pump, and how retailers can better engage with them with help from extensive research completed by Growth Energy:

“E15 needs to have precise messaging and be positioned appropriately with each consumer demographic,” the article explains. “By communicating that E15 is first and foremost a good choice for their vehicles (approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for cars 2001 and newer) and engines, we then can tap into what is the next most relevant factor to each consumer group and differentiate with the societal benefits. Allowing us to reach whole new audiences –left-leaning consumers and women.”

“Over the past several years, Growth Energy has completed more than 6,000 consumer surveys to determine what matters most to millennials when purchasing fuel. From quantitative data, qualitative data, to consumer intercept studies at the dispenser, Growth Energy’s extensive research revealed what factors were important to various demographics when purchasing fuel.”

Read the story by visiting their website here.