WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy and CSP, the leading source for convenience store news, have partnered to host a retailer education workshop focused on how fuel retailers create a competitive advantage for their business by offering higher octane fuels options like E15 and E85. The event takes place June 27, 2019 in Charleston, S.C. and includes a full agenda covering everything prospective retailers might need ahead of adopting E15.

During the seminar, Growth Energy’s Vice President of Market Development Mike O’Brien will share expertise and best practices on navigating the regulatory landscape, setting up the right fuel infrastructure, and employing the ideal marketing mix for optimal results. Additionally, participants will hear from renewable fuel pioneers, Minnoco and Protec Fuel, who will share how they have maximized their competitive advantage with high-octane fuel options like E15 and E85 at the pump.

“Following the long-awaited approval of E15 year-round, retail interest is at an all-time high and we’re excited to partner with CSP and provide expertise for retailers around the country who are looking to add higher ethanol blends to their fuel lineup,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “Growth Energy has been the undisputed leader in expanding the E15 marketplace and has worked hand-in-hand with the leading independent retailers to grow E15 availability to over 1,800 retail locations today.”

For more resources for fuel retailers, head to Growth Energy’s Retailer Hub at GrowthEnergy.org/resources/retailer-hub.

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CEO @GrowthEnergy tells IRS how #ethanol plants can lead the way on #carbon capture https://t.co/xiHAipVJpI

via @FuelsAmerica

As @RepCheri Bustos says here, the biofuels industry has a cascading effect on agriculture — it promotes strong supply chains and multiplies rural economic output. Abuse of the Renewable Fuel Standard through refinery exemptions only serves to harm the ag economy. https://t.co/pvW7P4yZ4F

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The future of fuel — increased engine performance, lowering our carbon footprint, and eliminating toxic fuel additives — is already here. At @EESI's Clean Energy Expo, Growth Energy SVP of Regulatory Affairs Chris Bliley laid out the benefits that expanding ethanol can bring. https://t.co/aW5v9A4prB

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In a letter to the IRS, GE CEO @EmilySkor proposes applying the 45Q performance based carbon tax credit to carbon capture projects at ethanol plants as a way to incentivize and expand their further use. Biofuel producers are ready to do more!  See the letter here: https://t.co/MtEDPF0jKy

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