KCoe Isom, LLP, is an associate member with locations across the United States. Originally formed in 2015 with the merger of Kennedy and Coe and Matson and Isom – Kennedy and Coe was formed in 1932 in Kansas, and Matson and Isom began in 1955 in California – the organization has been a member since the inception of Growth Energy. Both firms originated in rural communities where agriculture and food production are predominant. Lets take a closer look at the integral role this member plays in our industry:

What are your primary products related to the ethanol industry and what products do you produce?
We are a consulting and accounting firm providing business advisory in a wide range of focus areas, including employee development, sustainability verification, technology services, mergers and acquisition, financing opportunities, succession planning, as well as traditional tax and accounting services.

What do you feel is your primary value addition to our industry?
We know where to look for financial and business efficiencies and can help ethanol producers achieve their profitability and employee goals. KCoe Isom helps plants grow and improve in almost all aspects that are not mechanical or technical in nature.

What are some recent events or initiatives that you are proud of as a company?
We recently partnered with a worldwide technology platform, Agworld, that allows us to seamlessly provide sophisticated solutions for capturing, managing and improving farm data to employ sound financial and operational decisions. Agworld is a ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that can help biofuels plants connect people and systems.

KCoe Isom also recently launched its KCoe People service line, which provides a variety of employee resources and support ranging from HR compliance to talent development solutions to HR administration. It’s a great out-sourcing opportunity for biofuels plants who need expertise in HR, culture, talent development and leadership support.

Are there any upcoming projects or products you are excited about for the ethanol industry?
We are thrilled to offer a financial reporting package that helps ethanol plants understand their performance against other plants in the same geography, with the reporting developed to ensure consistent reporting for comparable results.

What do you consider some of your company’s main accomplishments?
Treating our relationships as business partners rather than a service provider. At Kcoe Isom, we know we are only as successful as our clients. We want to grow with you, rather than our growth being at your expense.

In what ways do you support or engage with your local community?
Given our widespread geographic footprint (21 offices from coast to coast) we are engaged in local community events that are of interest to our team members, as well as being engaged in events associated with the targeted industries we support. We support our community through range of activities, from local Chamber of Commerce funding to United Way support to FFA scholarships and internships.

What do you like about being a member of Growth Energy?
Industry information shared with members and networking opportunties with other Growth Energy Members.

Any other fun facts?

  • We are the only US business advisory firm in the CPA arena focused almost entirely on food and agriculture.
  • Our mission statement: To have impact and make a difference in the lives of our people, clients, and the world we live in.
  • KCoe Isom is often asked to testify to Congress on behalf of the food an agriculture industry regarding tax and financial legislation.
  • Our ideal clients are innovators, growth-oriented and hungry for ideas and information! We like to get creative in helping clients grow their businesses!

Learn more about KCoe Isome here.

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