Thanking Our Educators on Teacher Appreciation Day

Please join Growth Energy this Teacher Appreciation Day in thanking all our nation’s educators for their dedication to shaping our future leaders – especially our agricultural educators who help keep rural America strong. The thousands of ag educators across the nation work tirelessly to ensure students in both rural and urban areas understand the value of American agriculture here across our country and the world.

That’s why we are proud to partner with organizations like the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) and National FFA to support agricultural education in the classroom by introducing the first in-classroom biofuels curriculum. This two-week curriculum helps tell the story of biofuels in America through hands-on STEM activities, as well as by providing the historical and political context biofuels have played in our nation’s energy policy. We encourage you to share our biofuels curriculum, developed in partnership with NAAE, with an educator in your community to ensure that both teachers and students have the resources they need to succeed.

Learn more about Growth Energy’s Biofuels Curriculum here.