Member Highlight: Renew Kansas

Renew Kansas is an associate member based out of Topeka, Kansas, that has been a part of our association since Aug. 8, 2017. Originally formed in 2004 as the Association of Ethanol Processors of Kansas, their mission was to promote and protect the Kansas ethanol industry through education of the government and public. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Renew Kansas a valuable addition to our industry:

Key Ethanol Team Members:

  • Ron Seeber, President and CEO
  • Randy Stookey, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Staci Storey, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa Anschutz, Senior Director of Internal Operations
  • Samantha Tenpenny, Director of Member Services
  • Trae Green, Director of Communications and Marketing

What do you feel is your primary value addition to our industry?
Renew Kansas’ primary value to our industry is when a piece of legislation is introduced in Kansas, one of the first things to go through 165 lawmakers’ minds is, “What effect is this law going to have on Kansas’ ethanol industry?” We keep our industry safe from burdensome tax increases and promote the products our members sell.

What are some recent events or initiatives that you are proud of as a company?
Renew Kansas has partnered with industry allies to help establish the Kansas Better Blends Initiative (KBBI). The KBBI promotes ethanol blended fuels in Kansas and encourages increased availability of ethanol blends at fuel retailers. So far, the KBBI has been responsible for the construction of over 13 new stations carrying higher ethanol-blended fuels at 50 pumps. Outside of KBBI, our other corn program for station grants has added another four stations with another two to be installed next month. Those six locations total approximately 13 pumps and our corn relationship with Casey’s has resulted in six of their stations in the state carrying E15/E85 at their pumps.

Are there any upcoming projects or products you are excited about for the ethanol industry?
We are embarking on creating a brand-new, redesigned website to showcase the importance and benefits of renewable fuels.

What do you consider some of our company’s main accomplishments?
The promotion and preservation of key incentive programs and legislative initiatives to assist the Kansas Ethanol industry to grow and proliferate. Also, to aggressively identify and eliminate current and potential legislative threats to the industry.

In what ways do you support or engage with your local community?
Renew Kansas proudly partners with Kansas Corn to support STEM based education initiatives that provide curriculum, lab materials and training for K-12 teachers

What do you like about being a member of Growth Energy?
Growth Energy’s support of and partnership with state biofuels associations.

Any other fun facts?
A Renew Kansas member once had a symbiotic operation that included an ethanol plant, feed lot, and tilapia farm.

To learn more about Renew Kansas, visit their website here.

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