Manning in EPM: Why America Needs a Biofuels Curriculum

In the May issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine, Vice President of Development and South Dakota farm kid Kelly Manning shared why he believes educating rural America’s future leaders on biofuels is so important, and how Growth Energy’s new biofuels curriculum can help:

“…as I grew older and traveled around the country witnessing the new role of technology in agriculture and improvements in conservation, I saw firsthand that we needed to do a better job educating our nation’s future leaders on both the highs and lows the agricultural community feels each year. That largely means we need to create our own innovators and advocates within our communities, which is why I am so proud of Growth Energy’s new Biofuels Curriculum, created in partnership with the National Association of Agricultural Educators.”

Manning continued, underscoring that the biofuels industry is driving innovation in agriculture, and that through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) based activities, Growth Energy’s biofuels curriculum will help prepare our future leaders of tomorrow.

“Offering six activities over a two-week course, the curriculum gives students a glimpse into the technological, historical and political context of biofuels, and guides them through a hands-on production process where students measure ethanol’s energy content and emissions. For students interested in pursuing a career in STEM or agriscience, this course is a fantastic introduction to how rural America is staying on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, and how they can help ensure a strong future for their communities.”

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Manning in EPM: “Why America Needs a Biofuels Curriculum”