Supporting American ethanol means supporting a more affordable fuel choice at the pump, a healthier environment, and an economic lifeline for rural communities – and it also means supporting female leadership.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are taking a moment to recognize just a FEW of the female pioneers leading the biofuels industry – and all the women who advance technologies and innovative solutions in our industry every day.

Read more about some of the women leading the biofuels industry:

Emily Skor – CEO, Growth Energy

Emily Skor joined Growth as our CEO in May 2016, and for three years has led us in representing 100 producers, 89 associate companies, and tens of thousands of ethanol advocates around the country who work to bring consumers cleaner-burning, more affordable fuel choices at the pump.

Dana Siefkes-Lewis – Chief Administrative Officer, Redfield Energy

Since 2005, Dana has managed Redfield Energy, an ethanol producer, while acting as a liaison for the company’s board.

Rachel Kloos – Plant Manager, POET Biorefining – Chancellor

At POET’s Chancellor location, Rachel oversees environmental and water conservation issues as the plant’s Technical Manager – a role she calls her “dream job.”

Michelle Mapes – Chief Legal and Administrator Officer, Green Plains

With a legal background in renewable energy, Michelle became Green Plains’ Chief Legal and Administration Officer after serving as Executive Vice President of General Counsel from November 2009 to January 2018.

Sarah Thornton Caswell – Administrator, Nebraska Ethanol Board

Sarah’s extensive experience in the bio-industry sector led her to the Nebraska Ethanol Board in 2018, where she leads the organization in advancing bioproducts created from ethanol.

Judy Underwood – Global Marketing Leader, DuPont

Judy leads DuPont Industrial Biosciences in advancing bio-based solutions for a growing population while protecting the environment.

Amy Davis – Head of Government Relations (North America), Novozymes

Amy Davis is Head of Government Relations for North America with over 15 years of public affairs experience and has represented Novozymes in Washington, D.C., since 2010.

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Biofuels offer a clear path to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while driving economic growth & creating jobs in #MN02. I introduced a bill to increase biofuel blending while pushing back on small refinery waivers, which are nothing but a handout to big oil. #MNFarmfest

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The Dept of @ENERGY recommending even partial gap year waivers to big oil is an affront to the 10th circuit court ruling and another blow to the #RFS. The @EPA must now follow the court’s ruling and deny ALL gap year waiver requests.

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