With the end of the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) season within sight, Growth Energy has partnered with Convenience Store News to bring fuel retailers a booklet highlighting the benefits of E15 fuel and sharing a comprehensive marketing guide to optimize E15 sales.

Working with the leading independent retailers in the convenience store industry, Growth Energy developed a toolkit of best practices for retailers to elevate E15 sales by completing more than 4,000 qualitative and quantitative surveys, store conversations, and an analysis of more than 300,000 sales transactions. In order to fully capitalize on E15’s advantage, we have found that the right configuration of pumps, research-tested consumer messaging, and marketing all add to the most growth in sales.

Additionally, Growth Energy is making the most comprehensive E15 roadmap available to guide fuel retailers on how to capitalize on E15’s benefits to attract new customers and augment their sales. Take a look.

This roadmap was born out of our ongoing collaboration with the leading retailers in the fuel industry to further the expansion and adoption of E15 fuel. Each year, Growth Energy hosts a three-day retreat with the top E15 retailers to share best practices and tackle shared challenges, with this year’s retailers including executives from Casey’s, Kum & Go, Kwik Trip, Minnoco, Protec Fuels, RaceTrac, Sheetz, and Thorntons.

As the nation’s leading ethanol advocate, we look forward to not only ensuring that consumers across the nation have more access to E15, but also best equipping retailers for success.


For further information contact:
Majda Sarkic
(202) 545-4000
[email protected]

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Sponsored by our partner, @GrowthEnergy: High ethanol blends are boosting sales for the convenience stores that sell them, and the ever-growing base of faithful E15 consumers is proof of it. #cstores #retail https://t.co/0F4BO5Tx5B

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Celebrating 20 years of providing renewable energy and supporting MO’s #1 industry, @MoAgriculture, at @POETbiofuels in Macon this morning. One of just six farmer-owned ethanol plants in our state, providing fuel, feed, fiber and sustainability to keep moving #MissouriForward. https://t.co/3M8g0FgOjW

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Thank you for being a true champion for #biofuels at @USDA, @DepSecSteve. We look forward to continuing to work with you at @ASA_Soybeans! https://t.co/UgwdquohsJ

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“We approach this decade through the lens of what will drive demand for American Ethanol and propel this industry forward.” - @GrowthEnergy CEO Emily Skor https://t.co/YKErZl9Ndr

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