WASHINGTON, D.C. — Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor released the following statement in advance of Thursday’s meeting between the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture to discuss the president’s plan to preserve U.S. biofuel production:

“We’re pleased the USDA is taking up the president’s call to action and pressing for an immediate E15 fix, before the start of the summer driving season. As Secretary Perdue has noted, a flood of illegitimate waivers from the EPA has resulted in ‘demand destruction’ for U.S. farmers at a time when rural communities can least afford it. Even petroleum giants like Marathon are now expecting ‘small refinery’ handouts.

“Regulators should, instead, focus on the president’s plan to reallocate lost biofuel gallons that were siphoned away by EPA waivers. President Trump promised to protect statutory targets under the RFS, and we support Secretary Perdue’s efforts to ensure the EPA upholds that commitment to rural families.

“There is no reason to delay action or attach unrelated gimmicks designed to benefit a few refinery owners. EPA Administrator Pruitt should stand by his word in 2017, when he vowed not to pursue an export scheme that would cannibalize demand for U.S. biofuels, destroy farm income, and spark retaliatory tariffs against the entire fuel and farm supply chain.


Press Contact: 

Jenni Roberson


[email protected]

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[email protected] joins #fuel retailers @kumandgo and @NUVUFUELS calling for an emergency #E15 waiver to allow #gasoline blended with 15% #ethanol to be sold during the summer driving season https://t.co/Mu65sOwvIm #biofuels @brownfield #agnews

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Thank you @GovLauraKelly for advocating for a summertime waiver to keep E15 at the pumps! governor.kansas.gov/governor-kelly…

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Thank you @RepMMM @RepFeenstra @NikkiBudzinski @RepLaHood @RepAngieCraig @ZachNunn & @RepAshleyHinson for continuing to push for lower prices at the pump for American drivers! 🚗 twitter.com/repmmm/status/…

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New from the House → Thank you @RepMMM for leading the reintroduction of the Next Generation Fuels Act today. This legislation is a common-sense step toward lower prices at the pump, greater energy security, and cleaner air. growthenergy.org/2023/03/30/gro…

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