This week’s Member Spotlight falls on Midwest AgEnergy’s Blue Flint Ethanol facility located in Underwood, N.D.

Midwest AgEnergy’s Blue Flint facility started production in 2007 and in April of 2011 they became a member of Growth Energy. Blue Flint, which is named after the corn produced by the Native Americans in the area centuries ago, produces 75 million gallons of ethanol annually which is a 50 percent increase above name plate capacity. They have gone 11 years with no time lost accidents which is the result of a strong commitment to safety and operational excellence by all of their employees.  Year after year, they have expanded production and have even expanded the company, adding a second facility, Dakota Spirit, in 2015. Both facilities are operated by Midwest AgEnergy Group.

We are well aligned with the strategic objectives of Growth Energy" said Jeff Zueger, CEO of Midwest AgEnergy Group. "We appreciate the talented staff and board members that lead the direction of our industry. Growth Energy is a leader in proactive efforts to grow and improve our industry and has a strong understanding of key issues in our industry and actions needed on those issues. We believe that the member involvement that Growth Energy facilitates is a key to success. We believe that being a member of Growth Energy gives our company a competitive advantage."

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Sponsored by our partner, @GrowthEnergy: High ethanol blends are boosting sales for the convenience stores that sell them, and the ever-growing base of faithful E15 consumers is proof of it. #fuels #cstores

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CCC funding should go to the farmers and producers who need it, not to oil refineries. Glad to see this made clear with bipartisan support in the CR.…

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Hearing our stories helps legislators fight for a strong RFS, and not even 2020 could stop us from sharing. During our #BiofuelsSummit last week, we went virtual to update nearly 100 legislators and staff on the top priorities for our industry.…

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"We showed Washington that ethanol is not only essential, but an unsung hero in the effort to eradicate the virus. No other industry is in the same position to revitalize rural America.”

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