In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, Growth Energy’s CEO Emily Skor released the following statement:

“Ten years ago, Congress altered the trajectory of U.S. energy policy and sent our country in a new direction, one focused on regaining our energy security but also on encouraging the further development of our renewable fuel resources. It’s easy to forget what a watershed moment that was. When we look at America’s energy landscape today, the impact of this visionary, audacious effort to inject change into what had been a monopolistic system is evident. The vital and increasing role of biofuels in America’s fuel supply are yielding real-world results that touch people’s lives every day: Our air is cleaner. Our reliance on foreign oil is reduced. Farmers in this country’s heartland are hard at work ensuring that we have the resources to produce more biofuel that powers this country forward.

“The homegrown companies that founded America’s biofuel industry have also destroyed the myths designed to hold back innovation and big-thinking. Since the RFS was enacted, we’ve completely torn down the so-called 10 percent blend wall and shown that high biofuel blends improve engine performance and our environment. In fact, Americans have driven over 2 billion worry-free miles on E15 alone. According to the USDA, ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent compared to conventional gasoline.

“But we aren’t about to stop and rest on our laurels. The men and women of America’s biofuel industry are passionate about what they do and are more committed than ever to ensuring that our nation’s fuel supply becomes cleaner and greener. Breakthroughs in advanced cellulosic technology have us poised to once again change the game, improve efficiencies, and innovate the earth-friendly biofuels production process once again.

“One decade ago, we set out together on a journey to make our country stronger and more responsible. On this keystone anniversary, our industry remains passionate about what the next 10 years holds. We are ready to meet the future, and with the steadfast commitment of our champions in Congress as well as the support of the administration, low-cost, low-carbon renewable fuels will continue to move America forward.”

Press Contact:
Chris Hogan
[email protected]

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.@EPAAWheeler responding to @JimInhofe: "The president’s committed to #E15 and for the last two years we’ve gotten the RVOs ...out on time. It’s the first time it happened in the history of the program and we’re committed to doing that again this year."

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.@EPAAWheeler responding to @SenatorRounds on the timeline for #E15yearround: "We will get it done before the summer driving season..."

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Wheeler: the president is committed to #E15.

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“We hope to hear Mr. Wheeler expand on the agency’s commitment to finalizing the president’s directive on year-round E15 by June 1 and explain how the agency will address the reallocation of lost gallons due to unprecedented SRE granted under Scott Pruitt.” - @GrowthEnergy

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