Growth Energy Member Lallemand Acquires Lactic Solutions, LLC

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits (LBDS), a business unit of Lallemand Inc., announced today the acquisition of Lactic Solutions LLC.

Lactic Solutions LLC has been developing genetically modified lactic acid bacteria products specifically for the biofuels industry. These new products will create value for fuel ethanol producers through higher ethanol production yields and reduced consumption of antibiotics. This acquisition will be integrated into LBDS. The Lactic Solutions technology was developed by Professors Jim Steele and Jeff Broadbent from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Utah State University, respectively.

“We are very pleased to add this new technology to our ever-growing pipeline of innovation,” said Angus Ballard, President of LBDS. “Lallemand has been producing yeast for over 100 years, and bacteria (for human probiotics and for animal health) for over 30 years, so this new product category will fit well with our production assets, know-how and technical focus.”

“Lactic Solutions is thrilled to be joining the Lallemand team,” said Jim Steele, co-founder and CEO of the company. “It is our dream to take the technology developed in our university research laboratories and turn it into products that reduce reliance on antibiotics and also enhance yields in ethanol biorefineries. Lallemand is the perfect partner to assist us in realizing this dream.”