How would you define E15?

Biofuels are redefining the way we think about our cars and our environment and with higher ethanol-blended fuel more frequently becoming an option at the pump, we think it’s time for Merriam-Webster to update the dictionary and recognize E15 as a word!

We know what you’re thinking: how can we get a word like E15 added to the dictionary?

Well, just for perspective – here are a few words that have been added to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary so far this year:

  • Woo-woo
  • Word-salad
  • Bingewatch
  • Humblebrag
  • Weaksauce
  • Froyo
  • Face palm
  • IPA
  • Photobomb
  • And so many more

If these words can earn a spot in the dictionary, E15 certainly deserves one!