Onken Racing’s American Ethanol Mystic Powerboat Takes Home Top Honors at GLOC Shootout

Washington, DC – On Sunday, July 16, the American Ethanol Mystic Powerboat took home “Top Gun” honors at the Grand Lake of the Cherokees (GLOC) Shootout with a 200-mph run.

The American Ethanol Mystic Powerboat boat routinely finishes in the top of its field in competition, breaking its own record at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout last year with a speed of 217 mph. The boat is owned by Don Onken, a supporter of American agriculture, innovator in the industrial recycling space, and an ardent supporter of American Ethanol. The boat runs on an E90 ethanol blend and is crewed by John Cosker (Throttleman), Tony Battiato (Driver), and Earl Moorman (Crew Chief).

Onken said of the victory, “I am proud of the skill the American Ethanol team displayed at the GLOC Shootout. We have had an excellent run of success out on the water lately, and we’re looking forward to what we can do next month at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. I have been involved in the agriculture and recycling business for decades, so I know how important ethanol is to the farming community, and how important it is to all Americans. It’s a clean-burning fuel, so it’s good for the environment, and, as evidenced by how our boat has performed, it clearly has potent engine performance benefits. Ethanol is a fuel that delivers power, performance, clean air, and savings—it’s the smart choice for people everywhere.”

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor praised the Onken Racing team for their continued success:

“Don Onken and his team are phenomenal ambassadors for ethanol. You can’t argue with the results they get in competitions, year after year, but beyond that, they understand why ethanol is such an important part of our nation’s fuel mix. Don Onken has been a pioneer in recycling and agriculture, and we are proud to have him and his entire team as part of the American Ethanol family. We look forward to many more victories for the American Ethanol Mystic Powerboat.”