Poll: Motorcycle Owners Are Extremely Confident in Fueling Decisions, Satisfied with Performance

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Growth Energy released a new survey showing that motorcyclists in the United States are extremely confident in selecting the fuel that meets their needs at the pump, and satisfied with the performance of their fuel, including regular unleaded blends of 10 percent ethanol (E10). Conducted by Quadrant Strategies, the random poll of 500 motorcyclists revealed that nine in 10 respondents considered it important to have options at the pump that include ethanol blends.

“A baseless refrain from biofuels critics is that the mere availability of higher ethanol blends will confuse motorcyclists and cause misfuelling issues,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “However, these critics don’t give nearly enough credit to 21st century consumers and American motorcyclists. The poll results are clear — motorcyclists value having choices at the pump, are more than capable of selecting the fuel that works for them, and are satisfied with the performance of the fuel they choose including E10, gasoline blended with 10 percent ethanol.”

The poll showed that 96 percent of survey participants found it easy to figure out the type of gasoline to put in their engine, 98 percent were satisfied with the gasoline they used, and 90 percent thought it was important to have a choice at the pump.

“The vast majority —­­­­­­­ Ninety-seven percent — of the fuel sold in the United States today contains 10 percent ethanol,” noted Skor. “Ethanol is a high-performance fuel that boosts octane and displaces toxic chemicals in gasoline while also saving consumers money. More and more drivers are reaching for even higher ethanol blends (above 10 percent) every day to meet their price and performance needs. Clearly, motorcyclists appreciate having a choice at the pump as well, and are confident in selecting the right fuel for their next ride.”

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