Growth Energy Panel Discusses Engine Performance with Ethanol at 8th Annual ELC

Miami, Florida — Today, Growth Energy hosted an expert panel at its eighth annual Executive Leadership Conference to discuss the engine performance benefits of biofuels, like ethanol. The panel, “American Ethanol: A 21st Century Fuel for 21st Century Performance” featured Dr. Andy Randolph, Technical Director of ECR/RCR Engines, Keith Holmes of CK Motorsports, Kyle Mohan of Kyle Mohan Racing, and was moderated by Steve Anderson of Minnoco.

“We are excited to have been able to assemble such a phenomenal range of experts touching on every facet of engine performance for our members,” said Emily Skor, Growth Energy CEO, “Each one of these experts sees firsthand the tremendous benefits of ethanol for engines—whether those be race engines, marine engines, or everyday vehicles. We’re thrilled to showcase how these benefits extend to American drivers who are embracing higher ethanol blends, like E15 for its performance, environmental, and cost considerations.”

The panel discussed how ethanol stands up to the most rigorous tests across multiple racing disciplines, and how that same performance translates for American drivers across the United States. The panel dispelled myths about biofuels and illustrated the advantage of higher ethanol blends for consumers.

Dr. Randolph discussed the octane boosting properties of ethanol and concluded that it adds up to better engine performance for not only racecar drivers, but all drivers. “Let your wallet talk to you,” he said and added cost savings to the long list of benefits of choosing E15 at the pump. Holmes chooses ethanol to fuel his Cat Can Do Racing boats because it gives him a competitive advantage, burning cleaner and cooler. Mohan concluded that drivers should fuel up with E15 because it’s better for the environment and gives consumers more miles per dollar.

The ethanol industry is an American success story contributing to our energy security and growing American jobs. Growth Energy’s Executive Leadership Conference brings together leaders of the biofuels industry and provides them with the most current insights affecting the ethanol industry and celebrates the achievements of the industry in moving America forward.

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