Ethanol Industry Leaders Gather for Growth Energy’s 8th Annual Executive Leadership Conference

Miami, Florida — Today, Growth Energy is hosting leaders and allies of the ethanol industry for its eighth annual Executive Leadership Conference (“The Driving Force of Change”) in Miami. The gathering will provide an opportunity to set the stage for Growth Energy’s 2017 priorities and the path forward for the ethanol industry. The conference begins today and concludes on Friday, February 10. It will feature presentations by leading fuel retailers on the energy behind E15 adoption, panels including automotive experts to discuss the performance benefits of higher ethanol blends, engagement workshops, presentations on the regulatory and policy landscape for ethanol as well as the future of advanced biofuels, and Growth Energy’s annual award dinner to recognize outstanding leaders in the industry.

“Growth Energy is looking forward to showcasing how we will carry our industry to new heights in partnership with the leaders and supporters mobilized at our conference,” said Emily Skor, Growth Energy CEO, “We are excited to offer the latest insights from distinguished experts on all aspects of the ethanol industry, to celebrate our many accomplishments over the past year, and discuss the new direction we are taking to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead of us in 2017.”

The Executive Leadership Conference will feature a variety of panels and workshops tailored to our membership and the most relevant topics to the ethanol industry. Our members will have the opportunity to attend any of the following:

Thursday, Feb. 9

• The Energy Behind E15 Adoption, Featuring RaceTrac
• Mycogen Seeds – Cross Industry Partnership
• The Future of Advanced Biofuels
• American Ethanol: A 21st Century Fuel for 21st Century Performance
• Reshaping the Ethanol Narrative for Consumers
• E15 Branding, Driving Even More Sales
• Changing Lanes: Ethanol’s New Narrative Workshop
• How to Hustle… For Friends and Followers Online Workshop
• Join the Speakeasy Club: Talking about Ethanol in your Community Workshop

Friday, Feb. 10

• Going Global: A Strategy to Grow the U.S. Ethanol Industry
• Protecting and Preserving the Market through Regulatory and Technical Advocacy
• Crystal Ball into Ethanol Policies: 2017 & Beyond
• Securing E15 Success Depends on Preserving the RFS Point of Obligation
• Get to Know Growth Energy’s CEO, Emily Skor

The ethanol industry is an American success story contributing to our energy security and growing American jobs. Growth Energy’s Executive Leadership Conference brings together leaders of the biofuels industry and provides them with the most current insights affecting the ethanol industry and celebrates the achievements of the industry in moving America forward.

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