WASHINGTON, D.C.— Growth Energy is partnering with major fuel retailers Sheetz, Minnoco, Protec and Murphy USA for its annual Pink Out program to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer during the month of October. For each gallon of clean burning E15 sold, two cents will be donated to an organization fighting to eliminate breast cancer.

“We are proud to work with such great partners to bring awareness to breast cancer research and support wonderful organizations working to eradicate this terrible disease,” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy. “Ethanol has replaced toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that were previously blended in gasoline, so ethanol has already helped in the fight against cancer in tangible ways. By partnering with leading retailers such as Sheetz, Minnoco, Protec and Murphy USA, this program ensures we continue to take up the fight on behalf of mothers, daughters and families everywhere.”

The Pink Out program will run through October at participating stations, with more than 720 dispensers included in the program in North Carolina, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas and Florida. Drivers who want to participate in this program should look for the pink nozzle handles and signage, and can find their nearest E15 station at GetEthanol.com.

E15 contains five percent more ethanol than regular gasoline and is approved for any car manufactured in the 21st century. For drivers who care about the environment, their wallets and their cars, switching to a higher biofuel blend, like E15 will help them make a choice at the pump that supports American innovation, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and burns cooler to improve vehicle performance.


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Joined colleagues @RepAdrianSmith, @RepWalorski along with Growth Energy and Marquis Energy to meet with Amb Gregg Doud, the Chief Ag Negotiator at the USTR. We had a good discussion about negotiations with China, USMCA, + expanding trade opportunities for ag producers in Midwest https://t.co/ytGkmPlXyz

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.@EPAAWheeler responding to @JimInhofe: "The president’s committed to #E15 and for the last two years we’ve gotten the RVOs ...out on time. It’s the first time it happened in the history of the program and we’re committed to doing that again this year."

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.@EPAAWheeler responding to @SenatorRounds on the timeline for #E15yearround: "We will get it done before the summer driving season..."

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Wheeler: the president is committed to #E15.

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