Higher Ethanol Blends Can Alleviate Gasoline Shortages and Price Spikes

WASHINGTON, DC — A September 9 leak in the Colonial pipeline, which supplies gasoline to many states in the southeast and east coast has resulted not only in gasoline shortages, but also price spikes at the pump. As workers act to fix the leak and remediate the environmental consequences of a 336,000-gallon gasoline spill, Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy issued the following statement:

“We are relieved to know that no one was hurt in this incident. It is, however, a sobering reminder of the important role biofuels, like ethanol play in our nation’s fuel mix – and why they must be increased. While ethanol is already in 97 percent of the nation’s fuel supply, the widespread adoption of increased blends, such as E15 across the nation, can help blunt the severity of these supply shortages and price shocks.

“Studies show that ethanol is cleaner burning, biodegradable and helps reduce gasoline prices by $.50 to $1.50 a gallon. Furthermore, they are higher in octane and are better for engines and the environment, helping reduce the use of toxic additives that lead to groundwater contamination, smog, asthma and cancer.

“Currently consumers are facing growing lines to fill up their cars and are paying more due to this one incident. This just reinforces how dangerous our singular dependence on gasoline is and why increased blends must be added to our nation’s fuel mix to ensure stability and savings.”

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