Growth Energy CEO submits testimony for RFS hearing

WASHINGTON, DC — Growth Energy’s CEO, Emily Skor, issued the following statement after submitting testimony for the official record of today’s Energy and Commerce hearing on the Renewable Fuel Standard:

“The RFS and the development of our nation’s renewable fuel industry have been a resounding success, delivering clean, secure and affordable energy to every American. We urge the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to keep the RFS moving forward, and this committee to work towards fixing the actual issues standing in the way of full implementation. However, the regulatory hurdles and market barriers to entry that impact the E15 marketplace are not being discussed at today’s hearing.

“E15 is a less expensive, high performance fuel, but unlike E10, it cannot be sold during the summer driving season due to a 26 year-old legislative oversight in the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) statutory restrictions. Legislation has been offered in the House of Representatives to fix this problem (H.R. 1736) and this committee should spend time considering how to address this issue.

“American ethanol is a success story that is providing consumers with a choice at the pump for a cleaner, better performing and less expensive fuel. It has moved our nation one step closer to energy independence by lessening our dependence on foreign oil and we urge this committee to ensure its rightful place in our nation’s fuel mix.”

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