Growth Energy Commends Bipartisan Senate Letter to EPA

WASHINGTON, DC — Following a bipartisan letter signed by 37 Senators, which urges the EPA to revisit their proposed 2014 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) rule and release a final rule which reflects volumes consistent with Congress’ intent, Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, issued the following statement:

“This letter is a clear message to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – that we must have a strong, a robust Renewable Fuel Standard to help move our nation forwards in terms of alternative energy development. In no uncertain terms this strong bipartisan coalition of Senators have indicated that they are closely watching the EPA as they seek to finalize this rule and that any changes which would undercut the congressional intent or role of the RFS will be met with intense scrutiny and strong objection.

“Furthermore, these Senators have outlined the importance the RFS plays in creating jobs, strengthening rural America and reducing our dangerous addiction to foreign oil. They have outlined the critical role that the RFS plays in securing energy independence and that its continued success is essential to ensuring the certainty necessary for continued progress in alternative fuel development as well as the necessary infrastructure to be able to make these fuels commercially available.

“Not only is this a clear message to the EPA, but to Congress as well. This broad coalition has signaled their unwavering support for the RFS making it clear that any attempts at repeal or reform will be met with resolute resistance and ultimately fail.”

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