Protec Expands Availability of E15 to 28 Stations in the South

WASHINGTON, DC — In response to Protec’s announcement today of a multi-phase introduction of E15 to metropolitan areas in the South and Southeast, Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, issued the following statement:

“Protec is offering consumers a choice and savings at the pump and breaking into new markets in the South by opening 28 E15 and E85 stations in Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Virginia and Florida. This push is the continuation of an even larger plan to expand E15 access across the region in the future.

“Protec has listened to their customers and retailers, and has taken the initiative to offer higher ethanol blends that improve the environment, create jobs at home, and strengthen our energy and national security. Furthermore, Protec knows that by offering a homegrown, less expensive fuel they will continue to build a customer base by providing a choice and savings at the pump.

“Bottom line – consumer demand for homegrown, high performance, low cost fuels cannot be ignored. E15 continues to spread across the nation and Protec is a leader in a larger movement that will increase E15’s footprint across our nation, finally ending Big Oil’s stranglehold on the liquid fuels marketplace.”

Protec Fuel is a fuel distribution and management company based in Boca Raton, Fla., with its alternative fuel division specializing in turnkey ethanol programs for retailers, fleets and fuel distributors throughout the United States. E15, E85 and other higher ethanol blend services include physical ethanol supply and blending programs; financial risk management programs; E15/E85/etc. strategic site selection; station design; equipment supply; station installation and conversions; RINS management; government grant funding assistance and support with station sales and marketing. Protec currently supplies, either directly or through distribution partners, more than 200 E85 stations.

Currently, E15 is available at more than 90 stations across the nation. The locations are spread between 14 states including: Wis., S.D., Ohio, Neb., N.D., N.C., Mo., Mich., Minn., Kan., Ill., Iowa, Ark. and Ala.

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