Here We Go Again…Big Oil Continues Campaign of Misinformation

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the recent announcement that the American Petroleum Institute (API) will run a series of ads criticizing homegrown American biofuels, Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy released the following statement:

“Once again, API has decided to perpetuate misinformation to protect their bottom line. They will do anything to protect their record profits and market share, even at the expense of consumer savings and a cleaner environment.

“This recent series of ads are nothing more than fear mongering and misleading information. Time and again, the facts show that there is no substantial correlation between ethanol production and food prices. If Big Oil wants to point the finger at those who are driving up food prices, they should look no further than a mirror. In fact, a 2013 World Bank study has proven that crude oil prices are responsible for at least 50 percent of the increase in global food prices since 2004.

“In regards to marine and small engines, they are warrantied to use up to 10 percent ethanol and are not legally allowed to use E15. This campaign is nothing more than empty rhetoric used in attempt to scare consumers. Despite what API may want you to think, E15 is voluntary for consumers with 2001 model year and newer light duty trucks and cars. Any suggestion consumers are required to use E15 in small engines is completely misleading and false.

“The claim that the ethanol industry has encouraged the production of corn on farmland idled under U.S. conservation programs, namely the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is simply absurd. Congress reduced the maximum CRP acreage in the 2008 farm bill and again in the 2014 farm bill to save money and fund other conservation initiatives.  Furthermore, according to the USDA, there is more land currently in conservation programs than ever before.

“Big Oil has a long history of ignoring environmental damage they are directly responsible for. The sheer nerve to accuse biofuels of causing environmental harm on the 25th anniversary of the massive Exxon-Valdez spill, and the present-day oil slick off the coast of Texas, as well as another spill in Lake Michigan just yesterday, shows that Big Oil has a complete disconnect with reality and only cares about lining their pockets at the expense of the American consumer and our environment.”

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