Growth Energy: API’s New Campaign – Protect Profits, Prevent Competition

Attack on the RFS and E15 is unfounded, just another excuse for record gas prices.

WASHINGTON, DC — Following American Petroleum Institute’s (API) recent announcement of another unfounded, unscientific campaign to attack the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and E15, Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy released the following statement:

“This is just more of the same from Big Oil. They will stop at nothing to maintain their near monopoly on the liquid fuels market, even if it means saddling consumers with ever increasing prices at the pump.

“This is nothing more than a diversion from what is really on motorist’s minds. Notice how this ‘new campaign’ comes on the heels of a gas price increase of 3.2 cents last Friday, the largest one day spike in five months, and predictions from AAA of another expected increase of .10 to .15 cents in the coming days.

“While it may be a ‘new’ campaign, it will just be more of API’s same misinformation and rhetoric devoid of any facts or reality. The RFS is the most successful energy policy enacted in the last forty years – it is reducing our dependence of foreign oil, creating jobs at home and improving our environment.

“Furthermore, E15 is the most tested fuel change in our nation’s history. The Department of Energy (DoE) tested over 86 vehicles on a lifecycle test, resulting in over six million miles with absolutely no negative outcomes. After failing on the legal and regulatory fronts, Big Oil will do whatever it takes to keep us addicted to the failed status quo, so they can continue to line their pockets at the expense of American consumers.

“API continues to hang their hat on one study from the Coordinating Research Council (CRC), in which the DoE noted in their blog, ‘We believe the choice of test engines, test cycle, limited fuel selection, and failure criteria of the CRC program resulted in unreliable and incomplete data, which severely limits the utility of the study.’

“Looks like API, once again, will do anything to drive attention away from record profits and skyrocketing gas prices by using junk science in an attempt to prevent a choice and savings at the pump for American consumers.”