RFS Reform Bill Designed with Special Interests in Mind

WASHINGTON, DC — In response to the introduction of the RFS Reform Act, newly introduced legislation sponsored by Representatives Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Jim Costa (D-CA), Steve Womack (R-AR), and Peter Welch (D-VT), Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy issued the following statement:

“This bill does nothing to address the critical policy goal of achieving energy independence. Instead, it is a gift to special interest groups who are only concerned with only their record profits. “The RFS Reform Act is nothing more than a way for Big Oil to prevent market access of a superior, price competitive product, such as E15. While E15 is a voluntary choice for consumers and retailers, oil companies know that E15’s savings and superior performance will cut into their bottom line and they will do everything they can to stop it. The legislation proposed today is nothing more than a wish list for opponents of the RFS. These legislators are not seeking reform; they are looking to kill the RFS and all of the successes that have gone along with it.

“The RFS is the most successful energy policy this nation has enacted in the last forty years. It creates jobs at home that cannot be outsourced, revitalizes rural economies and helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

“Any changes to the program would have a devastating effect, creating uncertainty in the marketplace and halting investment in new technologies for biofuel production. This “reform” bill only has special interests in mind and advocates for the current failed status quo of our reliance on foreign oil. Not only is this legislation short sighted, it prevents free market access for a price competitive product.”

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