AFPM Makes Absurd Claim Comparing E15 to Contaminating MTBE

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the absurd statement from the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM), in which they compared the polluting and potentially carcinogenic gasoline additive, Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), which has been banned in over half the states nationwide, to clean-burning, homegrown American Ethanol, Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy released the following statement:

“AFPM, refiners and oil companies refused to use cleaner-burning, biodegradable ethanol, and instead chose to use an oil-derived alternative that ended up contaminating water systems throughout the U.S., and is also suspected of having carcinogenic properties. This is just another example of the length the refiners will go to avoid using renewable fuels. They chose MTBE over ethanol until it polluted water systems because of leaks – and switched to ethanol after states and local communities started banning its use. The only consistency among the oil companies and its affiliates like AFPM is that they will say and do anything to block market access for biofuels to protect their near monopoly on the liquid fuel system, as well as their bottom line – even if it is at the expense of their customers.

“In a wild stretch of the imagination that ignores reality and facts, AFPM are trying to say the most tested fuel ever in American history, which is cleaner and biodegradable, will have the same negative effects as a toxic additive produced by AFPM. Give me a break.

“The fact that AFPM and oil companies are somehow casting blame for using a product they produced and they pushed for approval is simply dumfounding and shows just how detached from reality AFPM and the special interests of the oil companies are. The simple fact remains that oil companies and refiners will always put corporate profits ahead of the public’s safety and interests.

“While AFPM and oil companies continue to attack renewable American biofuels, workers are spending hours and days cleaning up yet another oil spill in Arkansas – and, this one is literally polluting backyards like yours and mine.

“Big Oil – why don’t you tell the American people just what is in the oil spilling in communities across America, such as the Yellowstone river, the Mississippi river, Kalamazoo, Mayflower Arkansas and all over the Gulf of Mexico? I can tell you one thing – it isn’t environmentally safe, biodegradable ethanol.”

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