Science Committee Ignores Data, Science

WASHINGTON, DC —Tomorrow the Committee on Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on the Environment will hold a hearing on mid-level ethanol blends. Historically, this committee has held biased hearings, refusing to invite ethanol stakeholders – only critics. Today’s hearing will be no different. In response, Growth Energy submitted written testimony and Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy, released the following statement:

“It seems to me that if the Science Committee continues to hold these one-sided, sham hearings, they ought to change their name to the Science Fiction Committee – because that is exactly how their treatment of ethanol and biofuels have been. By only inviting vocal critics to discuss mid-level ethanol blends and refusing to invite a single producer or stakeholder in the ethanol industry to testify exemplifies a colossal waste of time and taxpayer money. If this is not a classic example of political theatre, I don’t know what is.

“It is a shame that a congressional committee whose mission is to look at scientific evidence and data to make informed decisions instead relies upon conjecture and speculation.

“Consistently ignoring credible facts and extensive testing exemplifies the real agenda this committee is pursuing. Why when gas prices have gone up each and every day for the last 40 days would this committee want to deny consumers and retailers the voluntary choice of a less expensive, higher performing and cleaner renewable fuel? Congress can no longer ignore our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, continually pushing back against clean and sustainable fuel.”

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