Senate Legislation Denies Consumers A Choice at the Pump

WASHINGTON, DC — Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and Senator Vitter (R-La.) recently introduced anti-ethanol legislation that would allow the historic rise of gas prices to continue by eliminating the consumer’s right to choose E15, a lower cost, homegrown renewable fuel that is better performing and less expensive.

In response, Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy, sent a letter to both senators correcting misinformation surrounding E15, while also highlighting its economic, security and environmental benefits. Click HERE to view a full copy of the letter.

Additionally, Buis issued the following statement on S. 344:

“This legislation is denying consumers the voluntary choice of a less expensive, higher performing fuel. E15 is the most tested fuel to date. The Department of Energy tested 86 cars for more than six million miles without any problems or durability issues. Furthermore, NASCAR just ran over three million miles on E15 the past two seasons without any problems, noting only an increase in horsepower and performance.

“After 35 days of increasing gas prices, and record costs, isn’t it time we did something different?  Why are lawmakers fighting to embrace our dependence on foreign oil and the failed status quo? This legislation places the heavy hand of government on the scales in favor of one industry over another, preventing the free market from operating as it should. American motorists should have the ability to choose their fuel based on price and performance, not a monopoly at the pump.

“I am sure that the oil companies were flattered that legislation preventing a choice at the pump was introduced on Valentine’s Day – unfortunately, it’s the consumers that get dumped on. They are the ones left paying higher prices at the pump while oil companies continue to receive excessive taxpayer subsidies and record profits.

“E15 is not mandatory, rather it is a voluntary choice for both the retailer to sell and the consumer to buy – there is no logical reason that the most tested fuel in history should be blocked from the commercial marketplace. E15 provides the consumer with a choice and savings, a choice that consumers should have, especially in this time of exorbitant gas prices. 

“The bottom line is that E15 is a homegrown, American renewable fuel that creates jobs that cannot be outsourced, it is better for our environment and the air we breathe and E15 will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and provide consumers a choice and savings at the pump. This fuel really is a win-win for America and all S. 344 does is prevent choice and impede progress.”


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