API’s Chief Wrong about RFS/E15

WASHINGTON, DC — Following yesterday’s American Petroleum Industry’s (API) annual “State of American Energy” speech, Tom Buis released the following statement:

“Yesterday’s speech, brought to you by Big Oil is nothing new. While oil companies talk about the future of energy in this country, they seem fixated on a finite resource and fail to acknowledge that renewable fuels will play an important role in meeting the nation’s future energy needs.

“While they may mention an ‘all of the above’ approach, the reality is they continue to pursue an ‘all of the above, except renewables.’ Special interests continue to be complacent, accepting the status quo of relying on foreign sources of oil and exporting America’s hard earned money to nefarious groups like OPEC and dictators from some of the most hostile and anti-American countries in the world.

“The Renewable Fuel Standard is working. Since 2005, renewable fuels have helped decreased foreign oil imports by 32 percent. Not to mention it has help create more than 400,000 good paying jobs that cannot be outsourced, all while improving our environment with a cleaner burning fuel that provides consumers with savings and a choice at the pump.

“What API really said yesterday is that they want to kill any competition that may threaten their bottom line and record profits. They will stop at nothing to maintain the blend wall, prevent market access for fuels such as E15 and ensure that their lock on the fuels market goes unchecked.

“The RFS is the most successful energy policy this nation has enacted in the last forty years. Not only is it creating jobs but it is revitalizing rural economies. The RFS is a win-win for America, as it is an essential part of a true “all of the above” energy strategy needed to meet the growing energy demands of the 21st century.”

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