AAA Leaves E15 Facts Stranded On the Roadside

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the baseless attack by AAA on E15 resulting from an unscientific phone survey which lacked any substantive research or facts, Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy released the following statement:

“The press release issued by the AAA has no scientific basis and is nothing more than hollow criticism lacking any facts to back up the irresponsible claims.

“E15 is the most tested fuel to date and the Department of Energy (DoE), a true expert on the matter has studied the fuel extensively, more than six million miles, coming to the conclusion that, “the resulting Energy Department data showed no statistically significant loss of vehicle performance (emissions, fuel economy, and maintenance issues) attributable to the use of E15 fuel compared to straight gasoline.’”

Further analysis by the DoE can be found HERE

“When it comes to real facts, the verdict is in – E15 performs. With an octane rating of 113, ethanol is the highest performance fuel on the market. If that is not enough, just ask NASCAR drivers who rely on Sunoco Green E15 every week on some of the most rigorous and demanding driving conditions. This September, NASCAR crossed the three million mile mark and their drivers noted only an increase in horsepower and performance.

“Finally, I am surprised to see an organization so concerned with fuel prices attack a source of American renewable energy that is providing consumers a choice and most importantly, savings at the pump. I think AAA customers are better served when the AAA sticks to what they do best, helping with car troubles and offering travel discounts, rather than using hyperbole and baseless statements on fuel quality – an area in which they have no expertise.”

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