Royal DSM Becomes Newest Growth Energy Member

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Growth Energy, the largest trade association for U.S. ethanol producers and supporters, welcomed Royal DSM as its newest associate member. DSM, based in the Netherlands, has more than 22,000 employees across five continents and its membership will enhance Growth Energy’s global reach.

“We are excited that Royal DSM has joined the Growth Energy team,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “DSM is one of the world’s most innovative and advanced companies, at the forefront of scientific research that drives economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Having DSM, one of the world’s most important and cutting-edge companies as a part of Growth Energy shows their strong commitment to the renewable fuels industry.”

DSM began in the early 20th Century and has transformed itself into a global provider of innovative solutions in bio-based materials, alternative energy, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, as well as food and nutrition. Its bioenergy sector is at the forefront of a sustainable future, particularly in the development of biofuel made from cellulosic biomass.

Steve Hartig, Vice President of BioEnergy at Royal DSM commended the partnership with Growth Energy stating, “These are exciting times, and since we embarked on our joint venture with POET to unlock the promise of cellulosic ethanol that everyone has been waiting for, we have decided to increase our presence in the public debate in the U.S. DSM promotes close industry cooperation to drive the transition from a fossil-based economy to a renewables-based economy. Our joining Growth Energy is a significant step in that direction.”

Buis concluded saying, “Royal DSM’s participation brings exciting new possibilities to Growth Energy and its entire membership, and on behalf of our staff, Board of Directors and members, I thank them for their commitments to the ethanol industry and look forward to working with them to continue the innovation of homegrown renewable fuel that is better for our environment, reduces our dependence on foreign oil from unstable regions, all while saving consumers money at the pump.”

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