Growth Energy Continues to Lead the Way on E15

Growth Energy is providing the tools and information necessary to bring E15 to the marketplace

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approval of E15 for the commercial marketplace Friday, June 15, Growth Energy continued its aggressive multimillion dollar nationwide campaign highlighting the benefits of E15 and renewed its commitment to ensure the availability of E15 in the marketplace.

“Last week’s announcement was the first of many steps to provide consumers with a choice to fill up with a less expensive option that is homegrown and helps stimulate the American economy,” stated Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. “But our work is not done; Growth Energy remains committed to working with all federal and state agencies, as well as retailers to ensure E15 enters the marketplace in a timely manner.”

Not only is it important to navigate the regulatory hurdles, but it is equally necessary to educate consumers and raise awareness to increase demand in the marketplace for E15. Additionally, it is just as important to work directly with retailers so they can get E15 in their pumps. By adding E15 to the fuel choices, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase a fuel that has increased octane and is less expensive than other low blend or pure gasoline choices.

“I want to make it clear that E15 is voluntary, but I assure you, as people learn about all the benefits of E15, I am confident they will line up at the pumps to pay less and get more,” Buis added. “Recently, Growth Energy updated our website, which now includes the tools necessary to help both the retailer and consumer, including a “Flex Fuel Finder” service and a smartphone application that can help you find flex pumps close to home, or for an extended driving trip.” Additionally, Growth Energy has a comprehensive site (, developed specifically for retailers to educate them and provide the guidance necessary to get E15 into their pumps.”

Growth Energy filed the initial approval waiver with the EPA for E15 back in 2009, and has continued to lead the way, recently launching a multimillion dollar campaign showcasing the performance, reliability and benefits of E15. Anticipating a need to establish awareness and a market for E15, Growth Energy partnered with NASCAR in 2010. Ever since, racers have fueled their cars with E15, and have driven more than two million miles, noting only improved horsepower and performance.

“NASCAR has been a wonderful platform to promote E15. Not only are their races viewed by millions of people, but NASCAR and its devoted fans also understand the importance of a cleaner burning, domestically produced renewable fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Not to mention the jobs that cannot be outsourced which are created here at home, and are revitalizing rural economies. Every race starts with the drop of the green American Ethanol flag, and ends with a winner in victory lane, fueled by E15,” Buis added.

“As our campaign continues through the summer, we look forward to creating an informative dialogue with consumers as well as a continued commitment to retailers to provide the tools and assistance to bring E15 to a pump near you,” Buis concluded.

Retailers can visit and to find a Flex pump near you, to put a little more America in your tank, please visit

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