Growth Energy Applauds the Advancement of the 2012 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – (April 26, 2012) Growth Energy, the leading coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, welcomed the passage of 2012 Farm Bill today within the Senate Agriculture Committee.

“We commend the great work of the Committee to spur additional energy production in rural America,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. “I specifically want to thank Senators Conrad and Lugar for offering a solid, bipartisan amendment that will provide key resources to rural energy programs such as loan guarantees for on-farm renewable energy, energy-efficiency projects, and research and development for advanced biofuels.”

“Everyone knows our nation needs to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and this amendment will help do just that,” said Buis. “Ethanol currently supports over a half million jobs, displaces 14 billion gallons of gasoline from foreign oil, and reduces harmful emissions. The energy title of the farm bill will help us move to next generation biofuels, which will create more jobs, displace more foreign oil, and further improve our environment.”