Growth Energy Partners with Princeton Fast Stop to Install Three Flex Fuel Pumps in Illinois

WASHINGTON, DC — Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, partnered with Horizon Fuels, the American Lung Association and Marquis Energy to assist with the promotions and labeling for three new Flex Fuel pumps at the Princeton Fast Stop in Princeton, Ill. The new pump is located at 720 N. Main St., and will be unveiled today, Friday, December 16.

“Growth Energy is dedicated to expanding the market for ethanol by encouraging the installation of Flex Fuel pumps. By giving consumers more choices at the pump that include higher blends of clean, green homegrown ethanol, we’re not only helping decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but also supporting our local farmers,” said Growth Energy Market Development Vice President Mike O’Brien. “Flex Fuel pumps give consumers what they are looking for: more choices at the pump that will positively affect their pocket book, our environment and our local economies.”

“It was time to upgrade our gasoline pumps, so we went with Flex Fuel pumps that will give our customers a choice between E85, E30 and E20,” said Bob Sandhu, owner of Princeton Fast stop and the CEO and President of the MGS Petro Inc.

Princeton Fast Stop will be hosting a day of promotions on ethanol blends on Friday, December 16. Motorists can fill up with E20 for 20 percent off per gallon, E30 for 30 percent off or E85 for $5 off a fill-up of 10 gallons or more. There will also be in-store deals, including a free fountain drink with any purchase of fuel fill-up and a buy one sandwich, get the second at half price deal.

The American Lung Association has also been active in supporting this project. “The American Lung Association in Illinois commends MGS Petro for taking the initiative to offer a variety of high-level ethanol blended fuels that are better for the environment, as well as being better for overall lung health,” said Matt Marcum, Director of Environmental Programs for the American Lung Association in Illinois.

“We are happy to be able to work with Fast Stop in this process. They have made a big commitment in converting all of their pumps to Flex Fuel pumps. It is important that the American consumer realizes the purchasing power they have in choosing the type of fuel they use. We want consumers right here at home to understand that and now they have the chance to choose for themselves. Marquis is glad people in our local community will be able to use clean burning, renewable fuel that is made just 30 miles away,” said Director of Public Relations of Marquis Energy, Dana Gustafson.

Marquis Energy has contracted with Horizon Fuels to develop opportunities to install Flex Fuel pumps at area retail gas stations and then manage the project scope, equipment installation and promotional efforts for each.

“The great thing about this project is that the station will offer all the ethanol blends at every pump on the main fueling island so patrons do not have to predetermine where they need to go to get them,” said Andy Koplin, President of Horizon Fuels.

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